8 Ways to increase blog traffic

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Everybody seems to be blogging nowadays with over 100 million blogs in the blogospheres and still it is not slowing down. I will provide eight simple tips to increase your blog traffic.

1. Write good content – The key to increasing your blog traffic is having good content for people to read. If people like your content there are more likely to return to your blog. It is also important to have useful information as nobody want to read a blog that contains garbage or useless content.

2. Update often – A blog that is always updating will keep readers interested and coming back for more. You will also get a better chance of your blog being picked up by the search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

3. RSS feed – Setup a RSS feed for your blog. This will allow reader to be kept update to date when you release new content.

4. Search Engine Optimization – Make sure your titles and headings are optimized for the search engines. Relevant keywords and links in you post will help to optimizing your content.

5. Social bookmarking website – Submit some of your posts to social bookmarking websites such as digg and stumbleupon to get more exposure to your blog.

6. Comment on other blogs – Writing useful comments on other blogs will help drive traffic to your blog. Make sure you leave your URL in the comment which will link back to your own blog. If somebody reads your comments, they have a good chance of clicking on your blog link.

7. Forums – Join forums in your niches and start writing some useful post. Make sure you add your blog link to the signature and profile of the forum. If people are interest in your post they might click on your link.

8. Guest blogging – Writing on somebody else blog can help with your own blog’s traffic. If the person you are guest blogging for has lots of traffic then you have a good chance of exposing your blogs.

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