How to get freelance writing work from an email

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How to get freelance writing work from an email

Once of the biggest problems in trying to get freelance writing commissions is finding work.

As a freelance writer it can be relatively easy to spot a publication that you’d like to write for and think of an article idea, but getting the commission is a different thing altogether.

If you haven’t written for the publication before, getting a commission as a freelance writer for the magazine, before putting pen to paper can seem impossible, but it really isn’t.  There’s just a few things to remember:

Get the right contact information.

Before you even think about pitching your idea you have to have the correct email address or telephone number of the commissioning editor.  Freelance writing forums are a great way to network and share contact information so it’s worth searching them on Google and asking other freelancer writers for help.

Give your article idea a catchy title

You want your opening introduction as a freelance writer to be one that the editor will remember, so don’t start with a subject that is something boring.  Think of a catchy, energetic title for your magazine piece and try to interest the editor.  Remember the more they keep reading your email, the more chance you have of gaining a commission.

Keep it short

Don’t write the whole article in your letter, you just want the bare bones of what your article would offer.  You could even break this down into a bullet point list.  Keep it short and sweet and put a few leading questions in there to encourage the editor to contact you for more information.

Put all your contact details down
Different editors like to communicate in different ways.  Let this be easy for them and make sure you put in all of your contact details including your email address, telephone number and postal address, and don’t forget to sign off as a freelance writer!

Chase it up
If you haven’t had a response within a week don’t feel bad about chasing your pitch up.  Ask the editor if they’ve had chance to look over your article idea yet and if they need any more information.  The more helpful you are, the more likely you are to build a relationship with the editor and the more likely you are to gain a commission.


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