Mafia Wars on Facebook: Mafia Wars Moscow Russia Strategy Guide and Tips

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Bring your organized crime ring to Moscow, Russia! Once you reach level 70, the Mafia Wars Russia addition is unlocked, letting your mafia travel to Moscow to get in more trouble with the law. Here’s the most frequently asked questions and guide for Mafia Wars Moscow.

How do I get cash in Mafia Wars Moscow?
Moscow uses Rubles. Just like in Cuba, only the money you earn in Moscow can be used in Moscow. You cannot transfer your New York or Cuba money into Rubles.

How to I access Mafia Wars Moscow? From the “travel” menu, select Moscow. You will need to be at level 70 or above to travel to Moscow.

What’s different in Mafia Wars Moscow?
Game play is basically the same as New York or Cuba. The main difference is that the jobs are broken into chapters. You’ll need to finish the chapter before moving on to the next, plus defeat a boss at the end. You won’t be able to do the jobs out of order like you could in New York or Cuba. It looks like you’ll need a lot of energy to complete the Moscow jobs, so if you’ve poured a lot of skill points into energy, Moscow will be very kind to you!

Another feature that’s different in Mafia Wars Moscow is asking friends for help. Instead of just gaining experience points when you ask for help, you also gain percentage points on the job.

What consumables drop and/or needed for Mafia Wars Moscow?
Consumable items are needed for some jobs, and if you’ve finished the New York job tiers, you know you’ll need a lot of them.

Concealable Cameras and Untraceable Cell Phone from New York are back! These blasted things just won’t go away, will they? It’s not known yet if you will need them in any of the Moscow jobs, but they will drop in a few jobs. If you’re still working on New York, this is a nice alternative to robbing that electronics store and hoping you’ll land an untraceable cell phone or a concealable camera – here are two jobs that gives you exactly what you need! Also, two Moscow-only consumables will be needed: Dossier on Dmitri and Set Photos of Karpov.

Consumable Loot Drops:
Concealable Camera found: Moscow Episode 1 Baklany: Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory
Untraceable Cell Phone found: Moscow Episode 1 Baklany: Arrange A Drug Shipment for the Mafiya
Dossier on Dmitri found: Moscow Episode 1 Baklany: Buy Mafiya Intel On Dmitri

Consumable Loot Needed
Dossier on Dmitri needed: Episode 1 Baklany: Hospitalize Some Nationalists

Just like in New York and Cuba, collections are available in Moscow. Matryoshka Dolls and
Prison Tattoos are two collections available and known so far.

If you’re not ready to start Moscow yet, but you’re at least a level 70, you might want to start up your Moscow businesses so you can start earning money in the city to buy weapons to complete jobs. That way, you’ll have a head start before you actually begin doing jobs. Remember to bank your money so it doesn’t get stolen in a fight!


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