Basic Needs For Baby Chickens

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I just love chickens, especially baby chickens. Yeah, I know you those baby chickens will grow to be big chickens. I just get so excited every time I have ever gotten them.

When I was a kid my grandmother ordered baby chickens every year. She would order 100 at a time. Back then chickens were raised to eat, not as pets. I remember the post office would call early in the morning, because they were tired of hearing them peep.

I have not raised eating chickens in many years now. It is way too easy to go to the store and buy them!  (My grandmother would be very disappointed.) I have considered getting a few for eating, but I am not sure when it come time, I would have the nerve anymore to do the “dirty work”.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter. If you are considering getting chickens for whatever reason their basic needs are the same. They must be kept warm, but not hot. They need water, feed, and grit. Their little feet need to be kept dry.

It takes about 21 days for a chicken to hatch an egg. So, that little chick will be used to being warm under the mommy chicken, (or incubator).  They need to be kept at between 90-95 degrees for the first week. Then the temperature can slowly be lower a few degrees at a time, over the next several weeks. They will start to develop wing feathers first.  After, they are FULLY feathered they will no longer need heat.

They must have grit, to grind their food. That is what their gizzards are for. A chicken gizzard is strong muscle that grinds the food with the grit and makes it digestible.

Clean fresh water is a must. They will get bits of food and bedding in their water, so it needs to be kept clean.

There are specially formulated foods to help your chicks to get a good start. This is referred to chick starter. It looks like crumbs that makes it easy for them to eat. Food should be available for baby chickens at all times.

I hope this helps you, understand a little more about baby chickens.


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