Date Night on A Budget

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Dating can be fun with money, but sometimes, there is not much money to spend.  However, a regularly scheduled date night should never be cancelled due to lack of funds.  There are many things that a couple can do on a date and do not have to spend a lot of money doing so.  This article will give some insight into dating on a tight budget.

1)  Go for ice cream!  Maybe the main meal could be eaten at home and the ice cream could be eaten outside at an ice cream parlor.  Ice cream and dates always mix well and ice cream is an inexpensive date night on a budget.

2)  Go sightseeing!  During the holidays, driving around and looking at the lights can be a great idea for a date night on a budget.  When the holiday season passes, just driving to a scenic place and taking time to enjoy God’s creation can be a wonderful experience.  Combine this with some good conversation with the one you love and you have a fantastic date night.

3)  Go to the water!  This doesn’t necessarily mean swimming, but go to a river or lake or ocean and enjoy the water.  Sit by the water and relax and enjoy the calm of being in that serene environment.  One of the keys to having a date around the water is to take pictures.  Great memories are lost without a camera, especially photos around the water.

4)  Go to a free museum!  There are plenty of free museums in the city that are waiting to be explored, but it takes a little research.  For example, transportation and parking are issues that need to be worked out and if you are driving, parking fees need to be researched.  The museum may be free, but other areas may cost a bunch of money if not researched well.  Museums are great fun and very educational and make for fun dates if planned well.

5)  Go to a nice thrift store!  There are some thrift stores that probably would not fit the criteria of a date, but there are some that are very nice.  Actually, for the price of one item in Nordstroms, one can purchase twenty items at a thrift store and they are decent quality items without the Nordstrom name.  A wonderful date night on a budget.

Date night on a budget can be just as fun as date night with money.  The key is planning and preparation!


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