Recall Dreams: Dream Analysis

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These are our innermost thoughts, both good and bad. To have a better understanding of our dreams makes us able to live a better quality of life, mentally and physically.

One of the first things to improving dream recall is to regulate your sleep patterns. This isn’t an easy task for many adults as you have to regulate you sleep cycle. But having a regular bedtime, and getting up earlier helps to keep you more alert. It also makes it easier to remember dreams for later dream analysis. Avoid alcohol and medications that are going to interfere with your thinking.  Also avoid fatty foods before bedtime.

Before you go to sleep make sure your mind is clear of thoughts so you can concentrate. Write down your dreams in a sleep journal. Tell yourself you’re going to remember your dreams in the morning. Think to yourself over and over that you will remember your dreams. Train yourself to remember your dreams.

Dream Journals or mood journals are a big part of dream analysis. Always keep a notebook by your bedside, so when you wake during the night you can write down what you remember in your dreams.  Better yet, set a small tape recorder by your bedside to speak into when you wake from a dream.

Be still when you first awake as these small body movements will distract you from your dreams. Think about what you were dreaming as you lay there still. Think about what you dreamed of and try to get back to that same dream remembering images and events. Try to recreate the scenario of the dream and put the story together.

As all the details pull together write them down for dream analysis. Write down all your feelings, whether you were scared, happy, or whatever your feelings were at the time. Write down the feeling you had when you first awakened too, were there feelings of sadness, warmth, love, hatred?  Be sure to write it all down in complete details for dream analysis. Be sure to give your dream a title too, with lots of descriptions.

During that day, reread your journal entries. Don’t try to find meanings in the dreams quite yet, but notice if there is any themes reoccurring in your dreams. Make notes of any familiar images, or characters; take note of any reoccurrences of events.  Use a highlighter to make this stand out more in your journal for later viewing. Get up at least 45 minutes earlier than usual helps sometimes, if none of the tips help.  Visualize your dream in your mind, and try to associate your alarm with your dreams.

Dreams are important, they are not just dreams they are trying to tell you something.  Before you are able to interrupt them you will have to remember them first.  With lots of practice you will eventually be able to remember your dreams, and do dream analysis yourself.

The amount of sleep have a bearing as to how we would carry out our day and our moods as well. Of course, you all know that lack of sleep is like waking up the wrong person at the wrong time and for what it is worth, it would be best to keep track of sleep, only if it were that simple.

But with this new device, the Sleep Cycle Tracking Watch, you can perhaps monitor your sleep and know when to wake up at the right time. It is somewhat similar to a modern day alarm clock only that you can monitor when you move (when you are almost awake), and wake up at the right time in a given window. Ideally, you feel refreshed every morning, ready to jump out of bed.

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