Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

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Date nights are something every married couple should have on a weekly basis, without children present!  Marriages are strengthened by date nights, when the time is reserved for husband and wife to be together without any interruptions.  Cell phones should only be on for emergencies with children or family and work should not be allowed into a date night.  Here are a few ideas for date night ideas for married couples:

1)  Unique restaurants!  Almost every town has at least one unique restaurant that should be somewhat frequented.  Chicago has Ed debevic’s, which is a restaurant where all the waiters are rude in a somewhat humorous way.  Rainforest Cafe is home to 13 states and has an Amazon-type environment and causes all its patrons to leave on a good note.  No matter the city, there is an exciting restaurant to eat at, but the city guide should be referenced to find out the location.  Unique restaurants will leave both parties commenting on the restaurant for days and makes for a wonderful date night idea for married couples.

2)  Downtown!  Going downtown is always a good idea for a date night if the timing is right to avoid massive amounts of traffic!  Taking the train sometimes saves the hassle or picking the right time to drive may also make for a fairly quick trip, but the city has a lot to offer a married couples date night and the safe areas of the city offer many exciting memories to be had.

3)  Bowling!  Competition enters into the picture here as husband and wife go head to head in a bowling match.  Bowling can be a lot of fun and not too expensive and the couple can agree on a prize for the winner that can make the contest interesting.

4)  Fair or carnival!  When the season is right, a fair or carnival can always bring a lot of excitement!  Between the rides and games, a couple has multiple venues in which they can have fun.  The husband has a chance to walk out of the carnival with a huge prize to show off that he won for his wife.  Carnivals and fairs are great date night ideas for married couples.

5)  A photo session!  Whether it be cowboy, or king.queen photos, a home can always be enriched by a professional family photo.  Sometimes, the couple may want their children involved, but it never hurts to have pictures of just the couple.

Date nights cost money and should provide memories for that money.  The time together is the most important thing as the married couple builds memories that will last a lifetime.


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