Salon-Shampoo For Long or Thick Hair

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Salon-Shampoo for Long or Thick Hair

By staysik


People who have really thick and/or long hair sometimes have a hard time getting the shampoo to suds-up from root to tip. Shampooing your hair when you have very long, very thick hair is a real task!  You can waste a lot of shampoo if you keep trying to dump it on the top of your head and try to distribute it all over throughout the hair.  You can also waste a lot of money and time!   Follow these easy steps and you’ll find you have squeaky-clean hair, with less time investment AND you’ll save money on shampoo!

Things to Use:

  • Wide tooth comb

  • Shampoo


The easiest way to deal with thick, long hair is to divide and conquer. Depending upon how thick or long your hair is, you will need to divide it into 2 or 4 parts. For the easiest way, you want to part your hair from ear-to-ear, so you have a top-of-the-head section, and bottom-of-the-head section. Do this before getting your hair wet, because hair that’s wet breaks more easily and stretches longer than it’s meant to. Hold the front with a butterfly clip or something to keep the sections apart.   If two is enough, then skip splitting it down the middle. 


If you have very thick or long hair, you’ll need to divide your hair into 4- quadrants. Part your hair down the middle from nape of the neck to your forehead, while keeping the part from ear-to-ear. Keep the sections separate, using clips or something like hair ties, and you’re ready.


Now you get in the shower or bath, wet your hair, squeeze out the excess water, and add about a quarter-sized amount of shampoo to each section, working from the scalp to the ends of your hair. Make sure each section is fully sudsy, and then rinse with warm water, and then the coolest water you can stand because this helps the cuticle lay back down and results in a super shine and less easily damaged hair.


Another tip that will save you money on expensive shampoo is to use the expensive, especially for dry/damaged or colored hair shampoo on the top half, or quadrant only. Then you use a less-expensive shampoo on the bottom half or quadrants, since this is the hair that’s healthier, and less colored, and seen less also! You use half the nice expensive shampoo as normal.  Now you’re saving even more! 

            Tips: Towel dry your hair, and if you heat-style it, wait until it is almost dry before it is almost dry before you start to blow-dry your hair to reduce damage.  Also try to use a heat-activated conditioner.

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