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There are basically 5 types of article that people usually write. And if you are just writing the same type article, your percentage for the article you made to be publish is holy less. Trust me, why don’t you try another article writing style? Here, i list out all 5 simple article styles i oftenly used.

1. The ‘How-to” article
This is the most popular article among others. This kind of articles is in highly demand now and i bet it is forever. Lets take a look, try google “photoshop tutorial”, there will be a lot of article on photoshop techniques. This is what we call a “how-to” article, an article that teach something or perfectly called a tutorial. There are many things that can you teach, let say as an example, “how to build gundam action figures?”, “how to setup a database on SQL?”, or “how to make a simple web-design?” Generally, you tell the reader how to do something by just writing. Cool right? I am telling you, a D-I-Y. LOL!!

2. The “List” article
The list article is an article that list out related information. beside the 1st type of article, “list” article is also a simple article to write. Let me show you an example; “5 Step to be a successful photographer”, “10 direct step on saving money”, “ways on giving lectures.” Basically, the article were written by its writer experience and research. To tell people on how to be a successful photographer, one should also be a successful photographer. In this stage, not all people possess qualified manuscript to tell public that he is a photographer. So, what should you do? Try show up your best shots. In this case, you will gain more trust by the readers. So, choose your topic wisely.

3. The “round-up” article
In this kind of article, you as a writer a roundup of information, statements, or opinions from a variety of sources. You might interview a number of experts, for example, and ask them the same list of questions. In your article you then write a roundup of the answers.
Lets take an example of roundup article,

“Previous Malaysians Prime Ministr, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Hj, Ahmad Badawi, said there will be no compromises between the criminals reported. More, he said…”

4. The “Inspirational” article
The inspirational article mostly the article that inspired or include the inspirational essays, narrative or maybe article about religions, motivational-type article generally for ones self-improvement. If you know some issues or concern that affects many people? So, thinks about your experience on it and figure out how to overcome the issue and then, deal it on the article. Thus, you help the readers to deal with life and to improve themselves in some way.

5. The “as told to” article
There are so many people who have outstanding experiences are not writers, there is a market for writing those people’s stories. This is quite similar to ghostwriting, except that in this case the audience knows that you are the writer. In the credits, you would show “By Peter Wallace [subject], as told to Jim Davies…” [writer].

Instead of writing a third-person narrative of the event, the ‘As Told To’ article makes the tale more real and personal by using the first-person.

The Conclusion:
Before you start an article, think and ask yourself how do you deliver the article this time. Make it more in style!


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