Power of perfume "Happiness is perfume, you can’t pour it on somebody else without getting a few drops on yourself." James Van Der Zee

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Perfumes are mainly produced in the west and go well with a dry climate, but are not appropriate to a tropical country. The chemical part of a perfume can easily decompose with sweat and dirt, and end up smelling different-bad. So you’d better select something light that evaporates quickly with the heat, like citrus or fresh lavender. Something that complements one’s natural body odor is also suggested. Another common mistake that people tend to make is to use a perfume that has been lying around at home too long, and has effectively gone off. It is preferred to keep fragrances in the refrigerator. Be lavish with them, and try to consume a bottle within a year.

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It is indeed difficult to pick the right scent. We are confused by information overload. The commercials say this is the sexiest smell that enhances your macho image, and so on. It’s all hype. Scents have no gender; it really relies on the individual. Some well-known scents can be compatible with one’s personality, or with one’s body odor. You need to brush up your own sense of smell to pick out the right one, rather than buying the recent products.

We should be more explorative about the world of smell. It is an often underestimated sense, but it can be powerful. Scientists have discovered that scents can be used to aid comatose patients. A particular smell for example, cookies made by grandmother can sometimes wake up a patient. Scents are strongly linked with our memories, our information landscape. We can sharpen it daily with something as simple as cooking. You know when a chicken is roasted or not because of the taste, but because of the smell. And that’s what activates your salivation. Utilizing spices and herbs all that has to do something with smell, right?

If we make an effort to understand the power of scent, we can, I imagine, be a lot more innovative.


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