Holidays Greetings

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When I was working at BJ’s we were tot you say “Happy Holidays.”  Here the reason why, I don’t know if you celerbrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwaanzaa, Little Christmas, or something else. I celerbrate christmas. There are so many holidays

When I was watch Opera here what I learned about Kwanzaa, You make about a dozen cookies for each person, You give a bag of lemon cookies, and I give a bag of my Chocolate chip cookies. Now someelse might have peanut butter cookies; the person with the lemon cookies will give a bag of lemon cookie to the person with the Peanut butter cookies, and the person with the peanut butter cookies will give a bag of peanut butter cookies to the person with the leamon cookies. How for me to get a bag of peanut butter, I give that person a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

Now if some else has sugar cookies, We give a bag of our, cookies, and we will get some sugar cookies in exchanged.

I celebrate Christmas, which is Jesus’s birthday.  and if I know you celebrate Christmas I say Merry Christmas. and happy new year. My favorit Christmas carols is 

Away in the Manger, The Little Drummer Boy, Frosty The Snow Man, Grandma got runover by Raindeer, Christmas Shoes, 


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