Journey to Lapland.

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Lapland – a country with a population of Santa Claus with his deer, where the aurora borealis shines and you can enjoy the snow and ice castles. Every winter in Lapland to see Santa Claus and enjoy nature the way teams of children and their parents.

Lapland is the northern part of the Scandinavian peninsula and is considered homeland of the Sami. She particularly appreciated for nusotabų landscape. Click here to be driven to rest in the open country, experience the peace of mind, see the wonders of nature. Lapland tourism industry developed well, so the tourists will be happy to travel to this country.

Deer – an integral part of Lapland. 200,000 strong deer herd – a vital Sami livelihood. Lapland transported in the golden eagle in the sky, and can be run across the forest bear. Of course, different regions of different climate in Lapland, but the beauty of nature everywhere Paker.

In Lapland it is worth to go, if only for the Northern Lights – beautiful natural light show. The changing nature of color and form – is a real natural fireworks. It is true that in order to see a beautiful natural appearance, you have to Lapland to spend at least a week. The very brightest Northern Lights give as much light as the moon.

For those who want to experience life “twilight zone” of great entertainment – Crossing the Arctic Circle. Poliariniame circle is neither day nor night – just twilight. Such a crossing of the Arctic Circle – an important ceremony, which is often accompanied by shamans blessings, Laplandiškas baptism and miraculous drink.

However, in Lapland a lot to do and natural beauty without observation. Those who like city life, in Lapland, there are four major cities: Kemi, Tornio, Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi, the city where you can feel the pace and rhythm of life. Here waiting for museums, theaters, clubs, fun nightlife and excellent service.

Every winter, you can visit the Kemi snow castle. The castle – a perfect example of a talented work. Among the castle walls can suffer incredible experience. Snow, ice and light effects, winter sculptures – all eyes pleasure. Adults can enter the castle and the Finlandia Vodka Cup tournament, and fun for children to follow soon – every week, the castle is a new theme, performances and concerts.

Active sports enthusiasts like the Alaskan husky and reindeer safaris, hunting, skiing, riding snowmobiles. Lapland snowmobile sport invested in large numbers. Season depends on snow cover and all the routes planned and marked. So, sport and fun and be safe.


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