Quick Tip for Getting More Food Faster in Café World

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Running out of food in Café World is a pretty common problem. One of the quickest ways of getting more food is to go through your News Feed on Facebook and look for posts from your friends that offer a free 100 servings of various dishes. If a lot of your Facebook friends also play Café World, you can build up a nice little stockpile of food that you can store in your gift box until you’re ready to use it.

The problem with this method of scavenging for food is that it can be a pain to scroll through your News Feed, especially if you only check it once a day or less. However, the Café World Friends & Tips page has posted a very nice tip that makes this whole process easier.

Instead of reading through everything on your News Feed, you can filter the feed so that it only shows Café World notices. That way you can bypass all of the other news and updates posted by your friends and get to the things that are really important – free Café World food. All you have to do is click on this link:

Café World News Feed Filter

This will take you directly to the Café World application filter so you can start claiming the free food posted by your friends.

Need more Café World friends?

Even with this tip, you’ll have more opportunities to find free food offers if you have more Café World friends. You can use the Café World Friends & Tips page to quickly get more friends and neighbors. Just click on the Discussion tab and look for topics with “add me” in the title. Then, click on the people who have posted in these threads and send a friend request that includes “Café World” in the additional personal message.

If you like, you can even leave a message in one of the “add me” threads to let others know that you’d like to be added. If you do, remember to be courteous and check for new friendship requests. That is, don’t leave your name in the thread if you don’t plan on accepting new friends who find your post there.


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