Concerns with Comic Books

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Violence today is very common in several comic books and this raises concern in the public opinion. Since readers want more realism in their comic books, the latter include more and more real life situations everyday. Sadly, the dangerous ordeal of both the hero and the villain is justified as long  as the script keeps it real. Comic books reflect as much real world as the readers want to get.Thus, parents ought to be very careful when supervising what their kids are reading, since violence and graphics are uncannily realistic in some books. Parents should teach their kids to have control over their own choices. We should remember that children overexposure to such violence makes them less sensitive to it. Tip: violence grades vary from within the comic book genre, where super hero books are more explicit than other type of main characters. 

Due to this, the industry has set a rating system such as movies, but, anyway parents are the ones who ultimately make the decision of what they let their children read. Every family has different standards, so this is a delicate question. For instance, let their kid watch certain movies while their friends are not allowed to. Parents should make good use of their common sense, which, as the old saying goes, is the least common of all senses. 

Should artists question themselves? How real should wounds be? How much gore, violence and blood is enough? Target readers should be taken into account, as well as content. If the level of gore goes down so does the level of realism. Parents are the ones who have the last call. Monitoring or censorship? The first sounds better. Again, common sense. 

It’s probable that parents who were allowed to read comics let their children do so more than those parents who weren’t allowed. The sense of right and wrong lays ultimately on personal perception. Although there’s a rating system, parents should regard comic books taking into account their own values, the child’s age and the book genre and rating.

Foul language, though not as visible as graphic violence, appears in comic as well. Despite the fact that hardest words are concealed, children now have a new source for learning foul language besides school, friends and even home. 

This type of language is intended to show the characters feelings, as the angry expressions do. Regardless of your personal opinion, it’s unarguable to say that the types of graphic are all elements to take into consideration too.


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