January Is #1 Month For Divorce

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According to the courts, January is the month that most divorces are filed. The Holidays are over and people are looking to make a fresh start in the New Year.

Some couples who have been planning on a divorce wait until after the Holiday season is over so as to not disrupt their families during the Holidays. Other couples hang in there, hoping their spouse will change or the situation putting the strain on the marriage will change. When the new year begins and nothing has changed, people opt for divorce.

Trying to find the right time for such a monumental move is a difficult challenge, there usually is no right moment. The beginning of a new year, with all it’s resolutions, promises and hopes seems to give people that have been contemplating divorce that extra something they needed to take action and actually file for divorce.

Divorce is never easy, especially if children are involved. Break the news of divorce to children gently, reassuring them that it is not their fault and that Mom and Dad will always love them no matter what. try your best, for the sake of the children, to keep things as normal as possible during the divorce and starting over process.

Studies show that the quality of life will diminish after divorce, so have a solid plan to take care of yourself. There is a grieving process to go through after a divorce, allow yourself that time to grieve, but keep your plan in mind so you don’t get stuck in the grief and never move on emotionally. With a plan and a goal, you won’t get dragged down by depression, guilt or the should-a’s, could-a’s, would-a’s.


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