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There are so many sites for writers nowadays but so far a lot of them only pay to the penny. I haven’t come across one that is reliable to pay for my bills yet. I think that there should be a reliable one for everyone. Although I did come across some that are really high pay if your article get purchased though. This is like just throwing whatever out there and hopes that it will work.

Most sites that I’ve worked for only pay from penny up to $30-40 a month. I haven’t found any site that is that great yet. Although I did find this one website that have a home based job and it’s legitimate. People have worked and got paid by them before. This one particular website is called They have tons of at home jobs in every single field but you have to have high speed internet and your computers have to have certain number of memory. They will give you program software to download to test to see if your computer qualify. I did run my computer but mine was not enough memory. This is the tricky part because if your computer doesn’t match their requirement, you won’t end up with the job.

You can give them a try though and see how things turn out. You have to fill out a comprehensive application and does a background check sometimes. They pay on commissions and sometimes $8-12 an hour. Most of the jobs are customer service where you’ll be answering phones call at home from people. It seems like it’s a pretty easy job though. I couldn’t qualify with my computer or laptop and I have an Aspire 3000 Acer.

One other website that is really good and you can earn up to thousands is The basic membership is free and an upgraded one is about $10 a month. They make you take a test and pass before you can do the job. The job has to bid and you have to compete with other people. It seems like a drag to me. Most of the project is about $1000-$5000. The pay is very high but it’s hard to compete with all these bidders. The project is pretty long and boring; you have to write a book or something like that. I don’t know if I’m willing to sit down and write a book. Some other jobs that they offer there is on legal, medical, web designs, and marketing. They basically have freelance in every single field. I just think that the whole process is way too redundant and not very easy to grasp. The test to pass is also a little long and hard. I don’t think that they should give you a test because people won’t even want to spend all that time.

Another good site is where you put up your approved work and you get purchase by customers. Some people have as much as 2000 article purchase. This person is doing well because each of their articles is about $20 – $200. You can also sell your photographs here too. You can set it to usage purchase only and don’t sell it if you want them to be continually downloaded. This is a good option. If you can write on a competitive topic that other people can’t like travel to every single place if you’re a travel guide. You would know every single place whereas other people only know a few.


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