Should you dye your hair?

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Dye you hair when it gets gray! This is the best option that will make you happy. You’ll feel good when you go out in public and you look young instead of old. I don’t know anyone that wants to present themselves as an old person. We all want to be young and hot looking. Don’t you love it when you go outside and a hot girl looks your way and smile? You feel good don’t you. If your hair is very gray she may thinks that you’re a grandpa and won’t even pay attention to you. If you single then you want to look hot so that you can win yourself a date.

I’m young and don’t have gray hair but I dye my hair every month to keep up with the fashion guru. I don’t want to look outdated when everyone else is looking flashy. Don’t you want to blend in with the crowd and be happy with everyone else? You will really stand out with your gray hair. It’s more of a courtesy thing to me if people are making efforts to look their best. People really appreciate aesthetics values. They love beauty in everything. People visit Paris so they can see how beautiful it is right and not how awful it is right.

Dying your hair will only helps you look young and feel great about yourself. Imagine you waking up in shiny dark, reddish hair. How would you feel when you look in the mirror? Fantastic right! You will love looking in the mirror. You will say to yourself “Dam! I’m hot!” and then you move on with your day. Isn’t this what you want instead of looking in the mirror and go “wow? I’m really old looking with this gray hair.”

You can dye your hair at home and you don’t need to spend hundreds at the salon. Your wife or husband can do it for you in the bathroom. I’ve done my own hair all of my life and I love every second of it. I like to take care of my own hair because I can freely choose whichever shades I want and highlight whichever sections I want without the stylist’s limitation. I don’t really like stylist anyway because they don’t really know what you want and they don’t do a really good job either. It’s amazing that the professional can’t do it like the non-professional can. I do suggest getting your hair dye no matter how old you are. When you look good you feel good. That’s all! I’m sure you want to show up at a dinner party and have people dazzle at you instead of ignoring you and saying that you’re old looking. Your spouse will also appreciate your new shiny hair. You will look like a young darling or a stud with your new color. I have had parents and I know they all color their hair because it looks very bad with gray hair.


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