Natal Xbox 360 Project is Renamed "kinect"

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Microsoft has afresh, attested its unfading influence in terms of ground-breaking solutions from a plain to a multifaceted software creation. Evident of this is when they formally introduced Project Natal to the public.

Natal Xbox 360 was originally publicized on the June 01, 2009. With an initial code name of Project Natal which represents a controller-free gaming and amusement practice. It is such an amazing game that offers gamers with a distinctive gaming experience during and after playing the game.

Functionality and Features

The functionalities and features of this new Natal Xbox 360 are made exceptional with the user’s aptitude to interact with the Xbox system, without any game-controller utilization. It is designed with a natural-user interface with the use of the player’s spoken commands, actions, and open images and things.

Made more distinct from the other existing Xbox games, the Natal Xbox 360 is a gaming system that gives players an opportunity to utilize body movements all throughout the game. Hence, it is conceptualized as a full-body gaming console. The following are three major system highlights that make the Natal Xbox 360 more exhilarating.

  1. Depth Sensor. One of the significant attributes seized by the newest Xbox device is a depth sensor. It consists of an infrared projector that is pooled with a monochrome CMOS sensor. With sufficient light condition, Natal sensor allows 3D views. More so, the sensing range is modifiable. The system utilized this sensor for facial recognition, voice listening, and body movement tracking. All these functionalities pertain to the player’s real actions.
  2. Smart Camera. The first-class camera integrated in the Natal Xbox 360 is considered as the world’s first camera system that is uniquely designed to merge with a depth sensor, an RGB cam, multi-array microphone and a custom processor that operates on a proprietary program.
  3. Personalized Game. The system recognizes the actual player as the main character of the game. Apart from all other existing games, you will no longer be using a ‘superhero’ identity; rather it is you who would act as the main man of the game. You run the game and you direct yourself during the game. All these are made doable with the full-body tracking system. Your full image will be incarcerated, making you inside the game you are playing.

More than the high-quality graphics display and the promising fun experience, Natal Xbox 360 gamers can also take advantage of a fit game. Because of its nature that would let gamers off the couch and budge their bodies while they play. Such experience guarantees activity that is ostensibly comparable to having an exercise routine, with voice exploitation too. Additionally, in Natal Xbox 360, you are the game controller. Definitely, it is going to be more fun and interactive.

The precise date for launching is still not officially revealed by the Microsoft team but it is expected to be released anytime in the year 2010.

Update: Project Natal is now known as Kinect. Scheduled to be released in November 4, Kinect for Xbox 360® has a collection of games to suit any style of play. With full body play, thanks to the revolutionary Kinect sensor, these games are designed to get you off the couch and into the game.

Source: Kinect Games


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