Robert Downey, Jr. revisits London for the premiere of Sherlock Holmes

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When Robert Downey Jr. was informed of his Golden Globe nomination for Sherlock Holmes, the American actor was in London exploring after a night of celebration for the British capital’s premiere of the highly anticipated Guy Ritchie film.

Playing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most identifiable literary character on the big screen in a unique way only this Oscar-nominated thespian can pull off, Robert Downey Jr. puts on a proper British accent sure to fool even the most highly trained linguist.

What’s not all that possible to discerning how this film came to look so authentic.

Besides filming in the actual places Doyle wrote about while making Guy Ritchie’s version of Sherlock Holmes,  Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law did a lot of unintentional sightseeing in England.

One such travel/location stop: West Smithfield in the City of London and specifically The Priory Church of Saint Bartholomew the Great.

Downey, Jr., Law and other members of the cast and crew spent days filming at St. Barts, one of Blighty’s oldest parish churches, founded in the 12th century in 1143.  Other movies have also taken advantage of St. Bart’s amazing architecture, being shown in such movies as Four Weddings and A Funeral and Shakespeare in Love.

Fully active, this Angelican/Episcopal house of worship is open to the public. Originally part adjoining St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, this significant church shows a prime example of classic Norman interior.  On August 24, known as St. Bartholomew’s Day, people who are ill or disabled show up in droves in hopes of being rewarded with curative powers in which the church is said to provide.

To put St. Barts in historical perspective, the parish chuch was erected by Rahere when William the Conqueror’s son, Henry I was King of England. St. Barts has survived many atrocities, including the Great Fire in 1666, the Zeppelin raids during World War 1, and World War II’s horrific The Blitz.

Today, this tenacious church is a favorite of visitors from around the world.

To put Sherlock Holmes in perspective, be sure to plan an outing to see the film. To be sure, this is one of the talented Robert Downy Jr.’s best rolesto date, with Jude Law as the ideal foil in his rendition of our dear Dr. Watson.


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