How to save money on buying groceries

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It’s tough when you have to buy groceries on a budget. With the economy in 2009 you might as well learn how to save because we’re not going to get back to our shape until at least a couple of years later. Oh boy! What has America becoming? Well, you can learn how to save money on grocery buying by shopping at stores that have lower price. You would make a shopping list and buy only what is necessary. You don’t need to buy what you don’t need. You would only buy things that you would eat or use. Believe it or not there are people out there that would buy things that they don’t need and don’t eat. Why? Simply because they just didn’t pay attention to it.

How can you help yourself in saving money? First, make a list of exactly what you’ll need to buy before you head out to the door because by the time you hit the market you will forget what you have still at home and what you need and most often you end up buying things that you don’t need. People will do shop on the spot and just buy whatever that looks good and this is not how it’s supposed to be done. You will save if you shop at places like Cosco, Sam Club, and ethnic stores. For some reason they’re lower in price. The club stores will sell you at a wholesales price so you can save if you’re buying for a big family. I always shop at Cosco and it helps a bunch.

Next, you want to avoid shopping at a fancy store like Pavilion or Albertson or Ralph. You have no idea how much they over charge you but I see people shop there like mad. Well, they have to overcharge you so that they can pay overhead. Therefore, you’re better off shopping at less fancy places that doesn’t have to pay overhead. I think that you can start to cross these stores off of your list. You can then start shopping at places like Jonh, Sam club, Cosco and so forth. These places are lower in price because they have a better system than other places. I would suggest that you make a Cosco card. You can also find other wholesalers and join them. I would not buy a lot of brand names items either as they’re way too expensive. Brand names items are expensive because they have to pay high advertising dollars. Therefore you can get the same quality food from non-brand or store name items. You can always use coupons and try to fill out a club card so that you can save more. You can also try to compare prices by looking at store brand and then brand name. It’s the same and even better quality as I have tried it out. It’s amazing how the advertising lies to you.


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