Singer Justin Bieber swims with the dolphins in The Bahamas

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Justin Bieber and friends, including the bottleneck dolphins that swim at Atlantis in the Bahamas Justin Bieber and friends, including the bottleneck dolphins that swim at Atlantis in the Bahamas Photo: Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas

December 5, 2009 — The 15-year-old Justin Bieber doesn’t just swim with the big guys in the music business. He swims with the dolphins, too.

Today, December 5, the Canadian sensation tweeted to his followers on that he swam with these giant mammals. He did so with good friends Ryan Butler, Christian Beadles, and Chaz Somers. The pals had gone down Bahamian way while Bieber gets ready to perform a free acoustic concept at Atlantis Resort Paradise Island in Nassau on January 9, 2010.

Meanwhile, the mammal get-together allowed the young talent to become up-close-and-personal with some really slick creatures in Dolphin Cay at Atlantis.

Home to a gaggle of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins who were rescued after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans hard, the 14-acre pod reserve gives you plenty of time with these sweet sea creatures. You can play with them, learn how to train them, or simply watch these amazing creatures as they splash around their super cool Bahamian surroundings.

Sounds like the time you would like to spend with your kid sister or brother, doesn’t it? We all wish Justin Bieber was in that category because this musical boy wonder seems like a guy who likes to have fun.From all indications, this true. In fact, with his savings during the time when he was singing on the streets of his native Ontario, Canada in a small town called Stratford, Justin decided to take his Mom to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Meanwhile, when Justin Bieber gives his free acoustic concert on September 9 in Nassau, The Bahamas, guests of the fantasy-land like Atlantis resort will find out just what kind of a cool kid this Canadian sensation can be, evident both on and off the stage. But will the dolphins will be able to watch Bieber like Bieber was able to watch the dolphins?  Not likely even though this seems only fair. After all, everyone should be in the swim when it comes to free concerts in the Bahamas, even these very special mammals who don’t normally let you know about their musical tastes.


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