Immune System with Astragal Root and Okra

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Protect Immune System and Treat with Herbs or natural everyday veggie’s. Symptoms; the best way to combat disease and infection is by boosting your immune system naturally getting rid of chemical and toxins  the natural
way. The symptoms of a weak immune system include fatigue, delayed healing of wounds, falling ill frequently, genital herpes, recurrent infections, allergic reaction, cold, flu, fungal infections, thrush and diarrhea and dark circles under the eyes.

Astragals Root: is a popular herb that is widely used in Chinese medicine it stimulates the immune system. The herb is said to offer multiple health benefits for multiple conditions, including heart benefits.   It also has anti-cancer properties and is a powerful antioxidant. It protects the liver from damage and helps treat dark circles under the eyes. Astragal protects against heart disease and improves overall weakness. Proponents also say astragals stimulate the spleen, liver, lungs, circulatory, and urinary system. It’s also used to treat arthritis and nervous conditions as well as to lower blood sugar and blood pressure.(Side effects:high doses may suppress immune system, avoid using astragals if you are taking immune-suppressing drugs –Pregnant or nursing women should not use astragals root.) The dried root is consumed in the form of tea, encapsulated or as an extract. Powder is sweetish and can be sprinkled on food or whipped into a shake or smoothie.

Okra  mucilage can be taken on daily or alternate days, with an empty stomach before breakfast. Okra is the wonder Veggie:  3 pods of okra, cut in 3 pieces, soak overnight in glass filled with tap/bottled  water. (Never cold fridge water No Never) Cover the glass leave it soaked overnight. Drink every morning before breakfast (empty stomach) – drink the Okra slimy mucilage, this helps collect all toxins from the liver, colon, pancreas, kidneys, rectrum.This slimy mucilage collects all toxins bundles them in its mucilage and discharges it out in the stool. It is natural cleansing with no side effects and is affordable to every budget. 

God Bless Amen! by Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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