City That Cares for Disabled and Handicap!

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God works in mysterious ways, and with God’s blessings I stumbled on a transportation site . A site popped up “Metro Lift”. I looked I read and was surprised they offered help to the handicap community. I dialed the phone number, a caring voice answered the phone, polite, very helpful, and I explained my situation and asked if she knew how I can get help. Yes she explained all I needed was to fill an application, which she even offered to mail to my residence. Yes within 3 business days I received the application in the mail. I completed it and mailed back.

 Promptly within a week I was given an appointment for an interview. It was January the 9th Jan 2007. I was nervous and on a wheelchair, my cousin drove to the Metro office. The courteous staff welcomed me and few others with similar situations. We all were given a briefing about the program and how it worked. Instant pictures with ID Cards were given to all.

 We all are required to book rides a day in advance. We are picked up from our doorstep and taken to the addresses we provide.  A city that cares, respect the disabled, handicap needy residence. I am one of the users and I appreciate this great service, it made my life good and so very independent. I use the service 5 days a week,  rides to supermarkets or doctor appointments, every time I need the help the service is there for me. At a fraction of the cost I get unlimited rides. The courteous drivers, always ready with a helping hand when ever needed.

I sincerely thank the city and the courteous Metro Lift staff from deep down my heart. My living has been made so much easier and independent to live.

God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas.


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