Poem Simply People and Respect

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Simply People and Respect, we never know who is an angel in disguise

People some good, friendly & respectful
People some strange, angry and ugly
Sometimes I simply wonder
Who among them is an angel

Sent down on earth to test us
Angel in disguise be around us
Testing us our true behaviors’
Which one we never will know
Disguised good, bad or the ugly
Angels are here to test us all
Blessing knocks on every door
Attitude if bad chases it away
Be humble, simple and patient
With respect we must treat all

We never know how and why
We never know when and where
Blessings may knocks on our door
Let us all make life simple to live

Be humble, nice and friendly
Be good and respectful to all
That knock can be the only one
We waited so long to hear

Think humble, good and sensible
Think before any words you say!
Words when said …
Can never be taken back

Word can be good and beautiful
Words can be Regrets and tortures
Words can be memories of hurt
Why say to hurt another soul
Life goes on never turns back

So much we have seen  and heard
What more we ought to hear and see
First help yourself if you must
Than extend a helping hand
Only if you can

Help others only if you can …
If you are in position to do so
Only than extend a helping hand
Please take care of yourself first
God helps …..
Those who help themselves

God Bless! Amen!
By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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