Never Drink and Drive Memories of Hurt!

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Just two days before my birthday
An invitation to a party I received
I looked at it just a little
I thought about it for a while
Memories were back to me again
In so many different ways

Ah!  The people and the drinks
I remembered what my Mom said
One day!
Please don’t drink and drive
You may hurt someone very bad
Not knowing what happened
Life a onetime gift from god
And is not granted forever

Drunk driving is always harmful
Broken bones and wrecks appear
Showing no mercy on the other
You may hurt someone my dear
You may kill someone I fear
May paralyze a person forever

I remember all and I did not drink
In my car I was driving home Mom!
Trying to reach home safely
I heard a bang and a shudder

Not knowing what happened
When I opened my eyes…
It was the hospital bed I lay  …
With paramedic’s all over …
Oh! God one said, out so loud!
She is back, back the second time
Hope she is back to live all over

Then I heard the paramedic say
Her injuries are bad she will die
I tried very hard not to cry
Oh! God, Mom! I want you here
I am really getting very scared
I want you here to hold me tight
And I wish I could say goodbye!
I Love you so much oh! Mom!

Voice of paramedic I heard again
The other one is already dead
He was drunk he never know
What he had done to the other
He was flying so very high …
Nothing he will remember
I wish someone had told him ….
Not to drink and drive

He has hurt my soul very bad
I am dozing off slowly … Mom!
He has taken my life forever
Hope all parents tell their kids
Not to drink and drive

I am lying here am dying Mom!
But I did not drink and drive
Someone else did that Mom!
And have taken my life forever
Mom! I love you so very much
And would love to say goodbye

The pain is back and cutting bad
Like knives stabbing my back
The time has come and I be gone
Please parents tell your kids
“Do not”  drink and drive

An innocent life just like mine
Is being taken away forever!
Just one mistake is all it takes
” Do Not” Drink and Drive! 
An innocent life is taken forever

God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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