The Village the Place the Memories I Have

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Mountains & valleys were always green
In that far away land I have know
Winding roads  leads you there
The village the place I know
Place where I lived my life some day
I was young and so very ambitious
I out grew myself and left so fast
Memories don’t fade as is always said
Some days I remember as if I am there

I cycled to school every single day
Strangers became friends everywhere
Respect and love was always in the air
The village that I remember is still there
Memories and thoughts I wonder why
Sometimes I find myself still out there!

So simple so good was the life I know
People good were so simple and nice
Clear at hearts had beautiful minds
The people I knew lived over there
A beautiful Land and people so nice
So pure at heart, and simple to talk
Lovely mountains I remember so much

Sloppy valleys were always green
Beautiful to see with sunset at dawn
Pictures, of the scenery’s still sits in me
Buffaloes and cows were always friends
Chickens and goats did mingle well
Valleys so green with tracks to ride
Tracks were lonely but  safe to ride
Mountain breezes brushed my face
Humming birds made my days

Butterflies were calm so nice to see
Sometimes so close they sat on me
Colorful birds with hanging nests
Searching for worms to feed the rest
So nice so calm was everywhere
So free of mind when I was there
Buffaloes, Cows all of us over there
Shared the valley where I lived my life

God Bless Amen! –  Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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