Focusline Pays You to Take Surveys

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Focusline is an online program that pays you to take surveys.  Focusline is a great and incredibly easy way to make extra money online.

Several times per day, Focusline will send you e-mails with links to surveys that are available for you to take.  The e-mail you receive will tell you how much the survey is worth and how approximately long it will take to complete.  The average survey available for you to take is worth anywhere from $1 to $5.  In addition to the e-mails you will receive notifying you of the surveys available to take, you can log on to and check out the dashboard which will show you all of the surveys available for you to take.  Focusline offers several surveys per day–far more surveys than most paid to take survey sites.  There can be up to 25 surveys per day on Focusline for you to take.

In addition to getting paid to take surveys at Focusline, you will also be paid to complete out member profiles at Focusline. Member profiles pay either $0.20 or $0.50 each and there are several member profiles to be completed.

In order to cash out and be paid, you must have accrued a balance of at least $25.  You can then request to be paid and Focusline will pay you through Paypal.

In order to sign-up for Focusline, you must be at least 13 years of age.

To find out more about Focusline or to sign-up for Focusline to start earning, you can go to
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