Numerology Poem for Number Three

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Numerology Poem speaks about individual born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of every month. Personalities can be the same, but habits may differ as the zodiac signs and elements at birth are different. Time of the day and days of the week counts. Number 3 people are; Divided, Never satisfied in subordinate positions; their aim is to rise in the world, to have control and authority over others. Passion, Change and, Optimism lies deep in them. Your interchangeable numbers of 6 and 9 such as the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th, or 27th.

Beautiful are the days of our birth
We are sent here for a reason I guess
Minute, seconds and the hour counts
So precious  are these beautiful days
Birth days and dates are ours forever
So happy and proud of them we are

Number three is the number you have
Born on  3, 12, 21, 30 of the month
All above are considered three’s
Sure difference in them I can see
Time of birth it must really count
Months, days of the week are there

Generally is said they all are same
But deep inside the birth time counts
Personalities be similar is what we know
Three’s are always Optimistic they say
Artistic, imaginative and socially active
 Inspiring, enthusiastic and creative too
Talent self expression with verbal skills
Choice of work is what your number says
A writer, an actor or an entertainer you be
With fun in life you can be a musician too

Your weakness is what you already know
Disorganized, irresponsible you can be
So emotional you get that makes you sad
You are vulnerable, moody and cynical too
Scattered energies, lack of handling funds
Projects you drop before finishing them
Your lack of direction must be stopped.
Born on 03rd, 12th and 30th says it all

God Bless Amen – Cathy Kaur, Houston, Texas


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