Get Paid to Take Surveys at Viewpoint Forum

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Viewpoint Forum is a survey and product review company where you try various new products and then fill out surveys about them.  Viewpoint Forum then pays you to review the products and fill out the surveys.  Viewpoint Forum is a great source of additional income.

Viewpoint uses a point system to set a value for their surveys. The exchange ratio of the points is that 375 points is equal to $10.  You must have a minimum of 375 points to cash out. Once you have accumulated 375 points, you may request to cash out and then Viewpoint Forum will mail you a check for your account balance.

Viewpoint Forum sends you e-mails notifying you of qualifying surveys for you to take that are worth approximately 20-40 points each. Then, based upon those surveys, Viewpoint Forum will determine if you qualify to test out a new product. Viewpoint Forum will then mail you the product to try out and to review.  After you have tested out the product, you will be asked to fill out one or more surveys on the product.  These surveys will usually be worth 50 to 500 points each.

Unlike other survey sites where you can sign-up through the site, Viewpoint Forum has recently become a referral only program.  Additionaly, the referral system has been temporarily disabled. If you are interested in signing up for Viewpoint Forum, you can do a Google search to try to find an invitation online or message me through Bukisa and when they reset the referral system I will send you a referral e-mail.

You can find out more about Viewpoint Forum at their website here.
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