Healthy Halloween Food and Snack Ideas – Candy Alternatives

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Healthy Halloween Food and Snack Ideas: The Dead Scarecrow, Ghouls Snacks, and Scary Treats The Dead Scarecrow Arrange cooked french fries to form the scarecrow’s arms and legs. Use a Hamburger Patty (cooked of course:) for the dead scarecrow’s midsection. Dye marshmallow orange for a pumpkin head and use some low fat green icing for top hat. Dribble Ketchup on the dead scarecrow for a bloody effect! Lean Sweet Treat Ideas for Halloween = an interesting and healthy dinner! Ghouls Snack Make some green jello and orange jello. Mix in some gummy worms and edible eyeballs for ghoul snacks that your kids are sure to love. Refrigerate ghouls snacks for at least 2 hours. Scary Treats Make Rice crispy treats using Rice Crispies or Pops cereal. Use Halloween sprinkles and use cut-outs to make wonderfully decorated scary snack. Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives to Halloween Candy While apples are a positive alternative, any fruit may be given out as a positive alternative to candy. Bananas, pears, grapes, plums; Put some strawberries, blueberries or other berries in plastic baggies…trick-or treater parents – just be sure to inspect (and wash fruits) all treats your child receives before they eat it. Popcorn Goldfish crackers – whole grain cheddar are a favorite of mine for my kiddies. Treats don’t have to be edible! Choose Dollar Store items, such as pencils, pens, erasers, markers or crayons, plastic spider (not a fav. of mine). Fruit roll ups that are 100% all fruit. Kids love sticky notes. Stickers – the Dollar Tree is a great place to get stickers for Halloween.


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