Increase Metabolism by Eating a Healthy Breakfast

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What is your metabolism?

Metabolism simply is the rate that your body burns calories. Having a fast metabolism allows you to loose weight, assuming your calorie intake remains the same. The diet you choose is vital in boosting your metabolism. However, your diet can also lead to metabolism sabotage.

Rule 1: Never Skip Breakfast

By skipping breakfast you create metabolism sabotage, this process conserves energy which burns fewer calories. To prevent this, start the morning off with a healthy meal that will also increase you energy level.

If increasing metabolism without increasing your calorie intake is the goal, choose breakfast items wisely. Be sure to avoid items that have high glycemic carbohydrates like croissants, white bread and pancakes. Also be careful with consuming high fat items like bacon, sausage and ham.

Rule 2: Example of a Healthy Breakfast Foods

Examples of breakfast foods that will increase metabolism include, white rice, a bowl of vegetables, wholegrain cereal and skim milk or an egg white omelet. Green Tea, spinach and natural yogurt are also great examples breakfast foods that increase your metabolism.

If limited on time and you need something on the go, eating fruit, peanut butter and crackers are other ideas. These foods naturally increase metabolism and energy. Putting you well on your way to reducing your weight as well.

Rule 3: Items to Avoid

Avoid food items that are high in carbohydrates and contain a lot of sugar. Those items could be anything from sweetened oatmeal to adding sugar to breakfast cereal. Instead of choosing these type of breakfast items replace them with protein rich foods like fish, beans or tofu.

Understanding the correct foods that are needed for breakfast could translate into burning more calories as well as being healthier. Whether you’re trying to loose weight or gain energy, eating a healthier breakfast will surely get the job done.



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