Labor Market Issues

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Work skill vouchers should be used to provide chances to the individuals who are lacking in qualifications to help them achieve certain levels of education to increase their chances of getting good jobs with better pay and consequently jobs that have security. This calls for efficiency and honesty when giving these vouchers as they are opportunities by themselves. Special considerations should also be made as to who really deserves these chances.

On method of issuance, the people closest to the individuals should be involved in issuance as they best understand the needs of the people. Proper marketing and awareness should also be made to ensure that they are correctly used and accessed by those who need them.

The other thing is that the amount of funds invested in the work skill vouchers should be increased to ensure that they benefit a greater number of people in the future. This way a better workforce will be created and individuals will be more satisfied and secure as far as these jobs are concerned.

This argument is highly borrowed in the author’s article and has particular analysis on the views of the author though the argument below may integrate his view and the general summaries that may be borrowed from the course.

The job market as evaluated by the author has become very static and the traditional market which had particular insistence to training requirements on the individuals has devolved to the current policies which now favor the need for individuals to seek employment first before the training. This means that unlike in the past when the individuals would first acquire curricular qualifications, they now have to do with jobs that require low skills and then gather curricular qualifications while on the job.

This current method has been argued to be very effective as far as the individuals’ understanding of the job is concerned but then the main question is how effective is the policy in regard to the welfare of these individuals.

This cannot be answered until we look at the adjustments made. These are that individuals who are disabled and single mothers who earlier on used to enjoy a favorable amount of scholarly allowance per week will now have to do with reduction of the same. The argument given being that these individuals are given the opportunity to combine both the training and job needs which in some general way increases their worth thus support through the pension and Austudy payment will obviously go down.

Based on my understanding of the policy the effectiveness of the program may not be realized as early as they stipulate. It will take sometime which to me is until these individuals move from their less skilled jobs to skilled jobs. This will also take some time as the short training programs may not be comprehensive enough to help an individual achieve the required curricular qualifications within a short duration.

What this means is that these individuals will suffer as their income does not match their expenditure levels thus for the effectiveness of the policy more time should be allowed before these cuts are made on the pension and the adjustments on the Austudy programs. This will ensure that the transitions do not bring about complications or disadvantages to the dependants of the system.

This takes us back to the recommendations made at the beginning of this paper when I had discussed the recommendations to bring about the effectiveness or the required results of the system. The same recommendations will apply in this case to adjust and fix the system to deliver the desired effects on the system.


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