Logistical System of Walmart Improvement

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There is a need to improve the logistical system of a business organization in order to cope up with the on-going competition in the market nowadays. In this paper, the ways of improving the logistical system of Walmart will be discussed. Basically, one of the most essential element of business operations is the logistics system, the ways and means of keeping stocks of goods available to the customers in the most efficient and way. The process of storage and distribution of products is vital to one’s success in the industry. In case of Walmart, the primary factor to be considered is the improvement on delivery or distribution and the efficient storage of goods and other commodities.

In order to facilitate and speed in the delivery of products, Walmart stores must develop a more efficient and effective logistical system. Their warehouses must also developed in a sense that it could maximize storage and keeping of products to be delivered to the stores. In other words, Walmart industries must have warehouses that could store their items and merchandise that could provide convenience in terms of delivery, shipping, and even distribution to different stores in the community.

Moreover, Walmart must also consider telecommunication approach to connect with their suppliers who directly deliver products to customers, allowing their clients to track their transactions and earn revenue as its fee. The best part to develop is the technique of Walmart which is on-line business through its website for posting orders and connections that would allow customers to save time, money, and efforts. Simply put, there should be an efficient and effective delivery system between suppliers and the company, distribution of products to the stores, and payment by clients for the services of the company stores.


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