How to make money by doing surveys and searching on search engines?

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Earning Few Quick Bucks

Making money online is quite new for most of us. I have some experience and done quite a lot of research on online jobs. You would have heard that online jobs are scams. Yes, that’s true. Most are scams but there are some companies which pay real money and treat you fairly.

I start with the simplest way to make money.

1) Use a search engine that pays you:

You might be wondering what this is. It is simple. Let me give an example. Every time you use Google or Yahoo to do a search, you get the results. Imagine you do the same thing, but you get rewards/money for searching. Check out this site called Swagbucks. You can make money (PayPal money) or get gift cards ( You can also get new products like perfumes, posters, music downloads, iPods, games, t-shirts, books, other electronic stuff. First you need to register and then start searching. You could win about 5 points a day. You will need 45 points to get an Amazon gift card. However they do give gift cards even for 20 points. This means you could easily make more than 10-20 dollars just by searching within a week! You can refer your friends and you make points when they search too! Make the best use of it. Don’t over search; your account may be disabled.

There are some people who make about $100 a month just by doing this. You can see it for yourself at their Facebook Fan page (

It is not a scam. They really pay you. To know more go to and register. Enjoy with the money!

There is another site called which pays you. However, this site does not guarantee winning.

Still I believe it is definitely worth a try.

2) Try taking surveys:

I know that sounds, boring but you can make good money if you seriously do it. Surveys can pay anywhere from $1 to $15. It depends on the survey, the time taken for the survey and other factors. But still it is a good way of making money. I make about $100 doing surveys. Imagine you get up one day in the middle of the night and don’t know what to do, or you’re simply bored. Do a survey for about 20 minutes and you could make about $2to $10. I know this is not a lot, but this money is to supplement you, not replace your job. Some sites give out products to try for which they are paid. Some give gifts instead of paying money. The good thing is anyone can do these surveys however; it depends on the country you reside in, age and other factors. To get the best from your surveys, refer them to your friends and family. I have a list of websites which are worth a try.

List of recommended Surveys:

1) Opinion

2) My


4) Lightspeed

5) Survey

6) Global Test

7) Valued

8) American consumer

All these surveys are verified by Better Business Bureau. So you need not worry thinking it as a scam.

3) Reading emails: I know this sounds easy but I would not recommend this if you don’t have a lot of patience.

Click on the emails and be paid about 2-5 cents per mail. It takes a while to make some real money, but a single click would pay you something!!

There are two sites for this:

1) This site not only pays you for reading emails but also to take surveys and to try out new products.

2) Inbox dollars- As the name suggests, you get mails in your inbox for which you’re paid.


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