Iran To Hold Large Scale Military Exercise Next Month To Prepare Its Forces To Repel An Offensive By The U.S. And Israel

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Iran will hold a “large-scale military exercise” next month in order to prepare its forces to repel an offensive by the United States and Israel.

It turns out that Barack Obama wants to offer the man charged with attempting to bomb an airliner on Christmas Day a plea agreement in order to persuade him to reveal what he knows about al-Qaeda operations in Yemen.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that insecurity in Yemen is a regional and a global threat.

The U.S. State Department has been using “diversity visas” to encourage people to immigrate to the United States from terror-riden Yemen.

One leading economic analyst says that Yemen is only a year away from total economic collapse, with its coffers emptied by corruption and as the government struggles to fight wars on two fronts.

It is being said that the bomber who killed CIA operatives in Afghanistan was a “triple agent”.

Nearly 1,186,000 residents of Tennessee, or more than one in six residents, currently receive some kind of food stamp assistance and the number continues to climb.

In fact, about one in 50 Americans now lives in a household with a reported income that consists of nothing but food stamps.

The number of Americans filing for personal bankruptcy rose by nearly a third in 2009.

The number of people preparing to buy a home in November fell sharply in the latest sign that the housing market may be headed for another downturn.

White House Press Corps members have been quietly told that any questions related to Barack Obama’s post-Columbia University employment with Business International Corporation, Obama’s withheld records while he was a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles from 1979 to 1981, or his records at Columbia, are forbidden.

Most people do not realize it, but the truth is that Russia is now the world’s largest oil exporter.

The Ukraine has reported 38 more swine flu deaths in just a 24 hour period.

Global warming?  Are they kidding us?  Just check this article out: 8 Reasons Why This Winter Is Making A Mockery Of The Climate Change Crowd.

In fact, it turns out that this winter could be the worst in 25 years.

Residents in Seoul, South Korea find themselves dealing with the heaviest snowfall in modern Korean history.

Some groups are claiming that the full body scanners being introduced into airports in the U.K. risk breaking child protection laws against making indecent images of children.

New cyber-monitoring measures have been quietly introduced in New Zealand giving police and Security Intelligence Service officers the power to monitor all aspects of someone’s online life.

President Obama recently named a “transgender” person to be a Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department.

According to one new report, there were at least 1,237 crimes committed against Christian churches and ministries in the United States in 2009.

It was originally thought that the Iraqi government planned to retain the Jewish nature of the tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel.  But now sources in Baghdad are saying that the Iraqi government plans to turn it into a mosque and erase all Jewish markings.

A short video posted online shows the moment when two secret service men assigned to protect President Kennedy’s motorcade were ordered to stand down just minutes before entering Dealey Plaza.

Newsweek has posted a new article that pokes fun at “survivalists” and “preppers”.

A new law in France will result in people getting criminal records for insulting their loved ones during domestic arguments.

Lastly, it turns out that ammonia-treated “pink slime” is now found in most ground beef produced in the United States.


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