Pisces: Female Astrological Love Signs

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Many Pisces women appear poised, charming, with a very charismatic personality while others act very reserved. Often Pisces women  learn to subdue this typical modesty early on in life. This helps them to convey a more extroverted personality.

Pisces Woman & Romance

Pisces women are sensitive and caring individuals. They are very reactive to a loving partner both physically and emotionally. Their generous and loving personality often attracts many men into their life. But it is essential that they be careful and select their mate very carefully. An inappropriate insensitive man could wound them for a very long time because of their deep sensitive nature.

Compatible Zodiac Signs

The following zodiac signs show strong rapport with Pisces women.

Taurus and Pisces- Should make a very happy combination. Taurus is very faithful and trusting. Pisces women admire this quality.

Cancer and Pisces- Another good combination. Both zodiac signs are very kind, sensitive, and caring.

Scorpio and Pisces- Are usually strongly attracted to each other. Both Pisces and Scorpio are very possessive of their lovers. One warning: Scorpio does not tolerate this trait in another for too long and it might cause arguments.

Capricorn and Pisces- Capricorn lovers find sympathy and understanding with Pisces.

Aquarius and Pisces- There is a good chance of a happy union if Pisces learns to understand their Aquarian lover.

Pisces and Pisces- They should both understand each others views on love and life in general.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

These zodiac signs show little compatibility with sensitive Pisces woman.


Descriptive Words
Kind, caring, sympathetic, sensitive, loving, reserved, tender, understanding, supportive, spiritual, home bodies, strong family values

Pisces women are ruled by their emotions and are very kind, loving, and sensitive. They long to keep the romance strong and loving in their relationships. They often attract the wrong kind of man who are losers. And drain them emotionally. They are best with a partner who is trusting, loving, and shares their same strong family values.


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