How to Choose a Personal Trainer

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Degree in fitness

While it is not required in some places for a trainer to have a degree, it helps to hire a personal fitness trainer that does. It does not mean that a trainer without one will not be as good, but just to be safe, you want a fitness trainer with a degree in kinesiology which is the knowledge of human movement, something you want your trainer to know especially since they will be the ones working with you and your body. While there are other degrees, I find that kinesiology seems to be the most common in many trainers.

Are they Certified?

The reason why you should choose a certified trainer is because you want someone who is an expert and who has the knowledge to work on your body and help you with your goals as well as provide a nice regimen for you. Make sure they are certified through a national organization such as National Academy of sports medicine (NASM) or the National Strength and conditioning Association (NSCA).


There is so much more to hiring the right trainer besides finding if they are a qualified personal trainer or not. Here are also a few things you want to look into. You want someone who you know will motivate you and hopefully help you lose weight and tone the way you want to be. Your trainer should always put you first during your sessions. You want to feel comfortable and be able to ask questions and get along and that you also like this personal trainer which will also help you with your goals. Don’t settle for a trainer that does not help you or is always doing something else besides helping you. Being around a professional trainer you like, will make you want to spend more time in the gym and help you lose weight fast and look great.


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