Is Traveling Worth it?

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Be cautious. Be on the watch out. That’s what we as Americans were told to do not long after September 11, 2001. For nearly a decade, national security has been on the minds of nearly all Americans. It is the issue that concern most Americans when deciding to vote for a politician.

Unfortunately, despite our many precautions and great concern, a so-called terrorst walked directly onto a plane, gripping a bomb between the cheeks of his buttocks! How humiliating is that for the US? I don’t know what went wrong because I’m a simple writer, and I try to report things as I see them. I know that all airports do not nor can afford body scans. However, personally, when I saw that story on the news, I laughed… very loudly. Then, I thought about it, and I realized that in the break of this story, however silly it may seem, I feel a little less comfortable boarding a plane.

I’m not sure if there is a solution to security issues in this country. One of the hottest stories this year included “uninvited guests” who crashed the white house. Think about that. THese people were not invited, and they got to go to the WHITE HOUSE. THey took pictures with the PRESIDENT OF THE US.

Fortunately, I think their true intentions were to rub elbows with the governmental elite and had no intention of harming anyone. However, the president of the US has the best security that money can buy, or so I am told. And what happened? A couple, not a single person, a couple just waltzed into the president’s home, and said “Hi How’re you doing? I’d like a picture with you, if you don’t mind.”

There are some of us who have to fly for business. We have little or no choice, but as far as recreation is concenred, I wouldn’t doubt if the airline industry’s clients transformed from many business men and women to mostly business men and women.


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