How to Get A Grant To Pay For A Classroom Pet

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Get A Grant To Pay For A Classroom Pet

  1. Preform research to find the best pet for yourclassroom. Grant funders will want to know that thepet chosen will be a good fit for the classroom. Remember that the pet must be kid friendly and be safe for every child. Animals that are suspect to causing allergies or are prone to carry diseases are not ideal for the classroom. Be sure that the size, care requirements, and temperament of the pet can be easily accommodate in the classroom. How to Use Data To Support A Grant Proposal
  2. Estimate the cost of buying and taking care of the pet. You will want to include any items that you are seeking grant funding for as well as items that has alternative funding. Include initial purchases of needed item such as a cage and ongoing costs such as food. Also be aware of vet costs. Make a detailed chart of what the costs of having a classroom pet will be. How to Write A Budget For A Grant Proposal
  3. Determine how the pet will be taken care of. Answer the following questions. Who will take care of the pet during school hours, weekends, evenings, or vacation times? Who will pay for unexpected costs, such as vet bills? What happens to the pet if the pet does not turn out to be a good addition to the classroom?
  4. Develop a written plan to integrate the chosen pet into the classroom.Grant funding to support a classroompet will be easier to come by if you have a plan to use the pet to better the learning environment. For example, a gold fish may be used when talking about fish environments and lake pollution.
  5. Write a small written proposal explaining the information gathered in the above steps. The main reason for the proposal to show reasons why a petwould be of benefit to the classroom, why the particular pet was chosen, how the pet will be taken care of, as well as covering the safety of the classroom andpet. How to Write A Mini Grant Proposal
  6. Get written permission from school administration. Grant funders want to know that all people involved agree to have the pet in the classroom. Show the school administration your proposal and get their signature. Be aware that some grant applications will require a separate signature on their form.
  7. Find appropriate grant funding to buy and take care of the classroompet. Many large as well as small pet stores will accept unsolicited proposals for classrooms, and may be willing to help cover the costs. Also consider large foundations that offer grants as large as $150 annualy to pay for pet costs, such as How to Get Donations Or Grants From A Business
  • You must get the proper permission before getting a pet for a classroom.

  • Animals need regular care on weekends and school holidays. Some pets may be needed to be taken home every evening.

  • The classroommust be an appropriate environment for the pet you choose.

  • Be aware of allergies and typical health hazards of some animals when choosing a classroom pet. You want to keep the classroom a safe environment for every child.


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