How to Understand Our Form of Government (USA)

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Many people have a misconception of the form of government in which we support here in the United States of America. Many people believe that we have a simple democracy, which is not the case here. What exist here in the USA is a representative democracy and the following points will help in the understanding of our form of government.

1. Our government is a respresentative democracy (a republic). What that means is that there are people in place in the government that are suppose to represent us and our best interest in the government.

2. We elect locale officials such as aldermen to represent our community and a mayor to represent our city and to manage our city resources.

3. We elect state officials to respresent our state districts and communities on a state level. Such individuals are state senators, respresentatives and the governor, a state level representative of the people of the state and manager of state resources.

4. We elect officials at the federal officials to represent us on a national level. Such officials congressmen are our elected officials.

5. Out of that group of officials we elect they select a group of people known as electorates from the Electoral College and they elect a president. That president then represent us nationally and on a world level.

The above is very much simplified and theoretical. Each official irregardless as to the group of people put him/her in office are free to act autonomous of those that elected him/her. The only recourse that we have available to us would be voting for another at the next election. In the case of an chosen official they will hold their position until the one that has chosen him decides to remove that person, according to due process (that is according to the rules). For example, a Supreme Court justice is chosen by the president, though approved by congress, is there for life unless he/she decides to retire or is caught doing something unlawful.

This article was written to give the reader basis, although simplified, on How to Understand Our Form of Government. If you are interested in deepening your understand of our government and how it works the internet is full of resources.

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