How to decorate porch for New Years

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You have your yard all decorated for New Years and your door too. How about adding some special features to your front porch that really brings out your New Years spirit? Get some good ideas here.

Things you’ll need:

  • Ideas from your New Years decoration file folder from many sources
  • Last years party decorations and favors
  • A trip to a flea market, antique mall or second hand shop or thrift store.
  • Exterior plywood,
  • Sketch paper and pencil
  • Craft supplies
  • Glue gun, twist ties, cable zip-ties, ribbons, staple gun
  • Paints, brushes, and glitter
  • Chairs and benches, foot stools,
  • New Years celebration accessories to add to theme

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  • Measure your porch and make a scaled sketch on graph paper. Sketch and idea or two based on what your New Years yard display and front door display features. Write down ideas for things that will enhance your decoration theme. If you have an old wooden bench or chair bring it out or buy one from a flea market, antique mall, or second hand or thrift store..  Locate any old holiday wreathes you can find, especially the ones made up of vines. Remove old decorations and start with clean wreaths.  While you’re at the flea market or antique mall, find anything that fits your theme even if it is damaged. A spot of glue or some staples can usually fix something for decorative usel  Think imaginatively and creatively

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  • Choose the sketch for your porch you like best after your visit to the flea market, antique, or thrift store. For example, if you have Father Time in the front yard, plan on an old chair r bench  to arrange on the porch where he sits. Place old items around the chair along with old party decorations. You could even place a cut out of his cousin Uncle Time, to sit on the chair or make a stuffed figure to sit in the chair with a long old stick and an old hour glass cut out nearby. Make the chair and bench scene like a post-party area that was never cleaned up. Use ribbons and streamers from porch ceiling and party favors like crushed hats and broken noise  makers glued to plywood bases.  Think of what the last New Years party scene look like you attended!

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Keep your porch decoration to one theme, but make it as realistic as possible. The old party favors, ribbons and beads, half full balloons and partial de-flated balloons will add to the flavor.  Attempt to make your porch decoration humorous and you will have a great talking point for all your visitors and neighbors for months to come!  Be sure and secure everything and light well all night. Happy New Year!

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Tips and Warnings:

  • The old Father Time theme works great!  Use an really old hair or bench.
  • Make people laugh when they see it!.
  • Use exterior paints and sealers.
  • Use flood lights on timers to light your prch display all night.
  • Beware of power saws and tools, use grounded receptacles.
  • Fasten all decorations and  everything to plywood backgrounds, floor  or wall surfaces.

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