How to decorate door for New Years

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Planning a New Years Eve party? Help start the celebration early by placing a New Years decoration on your door.  Welcome everyone by starting the New Year off right.

Things you’ll need:

  • Ideas from many sources
  • Exterior plywood
  • Sketch paper and pencil
  • File folder
  • Craft supplies
  • Glue gun, twist ties, cable zip-ties,ribbons
  • Paints, brushes, and glitter
  • New Years celebration accessories to add to theme

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  • Look for door decoration ideas from magazines, stores, TV, mail ads, newspaper adds, and on-line resources. Create a tear-sheet file for ideas you find. Walk through a crafts store like Michael’s and sketch ideas and purchase things you do not have left over from last New Years celebration.  If you want a wreath, look for New Years decorations that you can secure to wreath. Use exterior plywood and cut out a background shape for your chosen door decoration.  Be creative and imaginative.  Plan on gluing a variety of related New Years decorations on the background after you paint it.

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  • Choose a main theme for your door decoration. Use the main theme create accessories that compliment it. You could use an hour glass theme with Happy New Year! Painted around.  Add colorful ribbons, noisemakers, hats and sparkle decorations.  Something with Father Time and Baby Time is appropriate too! Design, cut out, paint and place selected smaller New Years related items near main theme display. Affix all decorations to the same background board so you can easily attach and reuse next year. Make all your decorations large enough so they are easily read as people approach your front door. Instead of your doorbell, you might attach a group of large bells secured so they can be rung when arrivals want to enter for the party.

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  • If you have a front yard New Years display, make your door decoration tie in with what people see from the street. If you have a simple banner in the yard, put a smaller matching banner on your door and add decorations to that. If you have Father Time in the front, put Baby Time on your door with a full hour-glass for example.  Again, be creative and imaginative.  Use Chinese or Japanese New Year decorations if that is to your desire.  Make the visitors feel that you truly have the coming New Year spirit!

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Tips and Warnings:

  • Do use a main plywood cutout display with smaller items as accessories, it will make your life easier!
  • Keep it simple but entertaining.
  • Use exterior enamel or acrylic paints and sealers.
  • Use small flood lights on timers to light your door display all night.
  • Watch out for power saws and tools, use grounded receptacles.
  • Secure everything to the door or wall surfaces.

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