Now is the Time to Rebel!

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Needless to say 2009 was the pits. For some odd reason though, I feel very good about 2010. There seems to be an awakening in the force so to speak as people start taking control over their lives and stop depending on leaders to lead us out of the darkness. A rebellion is brewing. Now is the time for all of us to rise up and rebel!

Now before you have me hauled off by Homeland Security let me explain. I’m NOT advocating the overthrow of any sovereign government. Not in the least. I am advocating that everyone rebel against the status quo.

For far too long greed, hatred, inequality, discrimination in its many forms, and so many nasty human traits have seeped into the way this country does business. These traits have caused the economic woes we are suffering through right now. I’m calling on all the people who are sick and tired of watching our great country and economy go into the toilet to rebel! Rebel against dishonesty, insincerity, trickery, hatred, greed and hypocrisy. Rebel against lack of fairness, courtesy, and (do I dare say it) lack of love for fellow man. However the rebellion that I’m calling for is a non-violent one. It’s a rebellion of action not mayhem. It’s a rebellion of thoughtfulness not malice.

So how does this work? If you are a consumer, you need to take personal responsibility and research who you do business with. When possible patronize local businesses that have a track record of honesty, integrity and fair dealing. Don’t blindly buy into dishonest or misleading advertising. Use your analytical skills to decide consciously who to do business with. Make them earn your business by being ethical and honest. Stop being an emotional consumer and become an educated one.

If you are a small business person or a member of a huge corporation now is the time to step up to the plate and dig way down into yourself and pull up all the great attributes that you learned in kindergarten. Yes you need to refuse to be dishonest, a game player, or a back stabber. You need to stop being sweep away by the status quo way of doing business and become a leader in the rebellion. Now is the time for all smart businesspeople to start practicing the credo this country and its economy was built on. Learn to practice good customer service, honesty, fair play, and straight shooting daily. Make it a habit to go out of your way to give rather than receive. You’ll be amazed at the results. Customers will begin to flock to your door for the breath of fresh air you provide.

I could go on and on giving examples and tips on how to rebel against the mess we’re in but I won’t. You see I know good and well that 99% of us know how to conduct business the right way. Our parents, teachers, and yes, civic leaders over the years have either taught us or shown us through their good examples how to behave in the marketplace. We don’t need more preachers we need more listeners. Become a good listener. The lessons are out there to be learned.

Here’ wishing everyone a prosperous and happy New Year. May you prosper by your giving spirit and willingness to do what is right. May you be happy no matter how much you have because happiness comes from within not from the things you acquire. Now go out there and rebel!


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