How to decorate yard for New Years

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Everyone wants to celebrate New Years by throwing or attending a party. How about making and displaying your own yard decoration for New Years?  Get some good pointers here.  Then do your New Years resolutions list!

Things you’ll need:

  • marine plywood & wood for ground support
  • jigsaw
  • sandpaper
  • paints and brushes
  • New Years celebration accessories to add to theme

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  • Use exterior plywood and cut out your main theme for display. Choose marine plywood because it lasts longer and is more weather resistant. Select a New Years theme as a main feature cutout. Scan on-line sites,  magazines, store decorations, and TV ads for ideas. Sketch your creation on graph paper to easily blow up to the size you need. Transfer sketch to a plywood sheet, cut out with jigsaw, sand, and paint final colors of your choosing. Make easel support and place in yard. You might want to  just display a simple banner with Happy New Year!  Or maybe you use an hour glass display with the same message.  Old father time and young baby  time are good selections too and can give you good accessory ideas.  You culd even display your New Years resolutins for all to see if you dare!
  • Collect ideas for other small cutouts to add to your yard display. Use the same sources as your main display.  Design, cut out, paint and place selected smaller New Years related items near main display. Keep your selections simple, they will be easier to cut out and paint. If you choose a banner, try accessories like an empty champagne bottle and cap, some noise makers and curled confetti as cutouts, Make them large enough to be seen and securely fastened to each other and the ground.
  • When you have your main and accessory cutouts in place, string some colorful ribbons or spray can stringers all around and connected to your displays. Keep some of the same materials on hand to replace ribbons and spray can stringers as the weather may not cooperate and you may have to redo portions.  Use some shiny and sparkling items too. Hats, noisemakers, table decorations are good.  Glue and anchor everything down well so they don’t disappear during the nights. Light up the entire display and do the same for your porch. Get your family involved and decorate your porch and door too!

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Tips and Warnings:

  • Use a main plywood cutout display with smaller items as accessories and place them all on a board background like a big sign.
  • Keep it entertaining but simple.
  • Use exterior enamel or acrylic paints and sealers.
  • Use flood lights on timers to light your display all night.
  • Be careful with power saws and tools, use grounded receptacles.
  • Anchor everything down securely to ground.

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