Getting The Best Realtor In Arizona

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Don’t get trapped by this big mistake home buyers make when deciding it is time for buying a house.

The most common error is not spending enough time choosing a real estate agent.

Why is interviewing prospective agents so important?

If you are looking for the best buy on a home, you need the best Realtor to lead the way. Everybody wants a deal when buying a house. And why not? For most people it is the biggest purchase of their life.

But buyer beware! There is another bargain to be aware of before you begin. Shop for a great real estate agent! It may be the most important deal you make.

Okay it is easy to say shop for the best but how do you decide on your criteria for choosing a real estate agent?

The first step is interviewing at least three Realtors.

Just as you will probably look at many houses before you decide which is right for you, don’t settle for the first Realtor you meet without interviewing at least two more.

Choosing a real estate agent, the one right for you, to guide you through the entire house buying process is essential to your success.

Here is another tip.

A big mistake many home buyers make is skipping from agent to agent to shop for their dream home. Don’t! Instead make it your intention to find an agent you are going to stick with.

Believe me, don’t let greed trick you into thinking your opportunities have been restricted by being loyal to a real estate agent. It is actually just the opposite. If you hunt for and stick with the best agent before shopping for a house, you are far more likely to discover your dream home.

So invite several agents to your home instead of going to their offices. Notice how they interact with you and your family. If you detect they are uncomfortable in your environment, they are probably not a good match for you.

Most importantly, do you feel at ease with them?

Remember to prepare a list of questions you will want to ask during the interview before they come to your home.

Start by briefly explaining what you want to accomplish. In two or three sentences tell why you need the services of a real estate agent and what type of property you will be looking for.

It is important that you merely state your intention at first and not launch into great detail. After all, you are the interviewer and the Realtor is the interviewee. Then ask them to explain how they would go about helping you shop for your dream home.

Here are questions to ask as your conversation progresses.

#1 What motivated you to become a real estate broker? As they answer, observe whether they are passionate about their profession.

#2 Do you have any recent clients that I can talk to? In the next day or two, actually call them. You can often get a good sense from previous clients about the real estate agent.

#3 Do you specialize in certain types of property? Personally I prefer agents who have a specialty such as neighborhoods or types of property. For example, if I am looking for a condo, working with a condominium specialist makes the most sense.

#4 Finally, request agents to describe their game plan. Because you have a certain goal in mind, you want to understand their strategy. The best brokers can easily articulate their plans. See if it matches up with your goals.

After interviewing several Realtors, it is time to make a decision. Using the process of elimination works well. Begin by asking yourself the following questions.

What agents make you feel uncomfortable? Who didn’t answered your questions directly? Who did? Are they passionate about their profession? Which ones made you feel you could ask questions and not feel stupid? How many specialize in the type of real estate you want to buy and the area you prefer? Can they articulate their game plan? Does it interlock with your goals?

Now that you are ready to ask questions and get answers, it’s time to begin choosing a real estate agent and finding your dream home.


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