Dog Breed Facts: Walker Hounds

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A breed of dog not generally well known to most people, the Walker Hound (or Treeing Walker Hound) is a sleek, athletic and powerful dog that is becoming more recognised in recent times.

Origin and History:

The origin of the Walker Hound can be found in the 18th century when they were created from Virginia Hounds that descended from the first English Foxhounds brought to America by Thomas Walker in 1742. He cross-bred them with an unknown breed to create the Walker Hound or Treeing Walker Hound. It is said that George Washington later bred them with specific foxhounds over time to refine them.

Over the decades, the Walker Hound continued to be refined. They were officially recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1946.

Breed Standard:

The head of the Walker Hound should be medium sized with low set ears that nearly reach the nose. Eyes should be dark and medium sized, showing their sparkling intellect and hound-like expressions.

The neck of a Walker Hound should be clean and smooth, powerful but not overloaded with muscles. Forequarters should be straight. Hindquarters are muscular, ready to propel the Walker Hound to great speeds. Paws should be well-padded with no rear dew-claws.

The tails of Walker Hounds should be set reasonably high, gracefully curled. Coats are glossy, smooth and short. Walker Hounds are generally tri-coloured which preferred, but white with tan or black spots will be accepted.

The ideal height is 20 – 27 inches (51 – 69 cm) and 50 – 70 pounds (23 – 32kg) in weight.


The Walker Hound is an exceptionally friendly animal; they love the attention given by humans and make perfect pets for families with children. They get on great with other pets in the home.

Training is easily done due to the Walker Hounds quick intelligence and their desire to please their owners. They love attention but if bored or under-stimulated they can become destructive and dig holes in the garden.

Due to being a very energetic dog, the Walker Hound is not suited for apartments. The best environment for this breed is a family home with a good fenced-in garden and have plenty of walks.

Kennel Clubs:

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a great source of information for those looking for a breeder of Walker Hounds or who are interested in the breed.


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