Grapefruit Does Have Side Effects

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Eating grapefruits or taking grapefruit extract does have side effects.  Grapefruit side effects and health benefits will be discussed in this article. One of the most common health benefits to eating grapefruit is weight loss.  The grapefruit diet is very popular and many have used eating grapefruit as a weightless method.  Another health benefit to eating grapefruit is help with allergy symptoms.  By eating grapefruit or taking grapefruit seed extract this can help lessen allergy symptoms.  Grapefruit carry many different powerful antioxidant properties.  Some will eat grapefruits to keep colds and flu’s away.  But, grapefruit does have side effects, here you will find out what side effects to watch out for.

One possible grapefruit side effect would be an allergic reaction.  Allergic reaction could include difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat, lips and mouth, hive and other allergic symptoms.  If you, think you are having an allergic reaction to grapefruit seek emergency care.  Food allergies are nothing to fool around with.  Grapefruit can also interact and have adverse effects when taken with some medications.  Some of those medications belong in these groups’ benzodiazepines, selected calcium channel blockers, estrogens, guanidine, antihistamines and cyclosporine.  If you are taking medication in any of those medication groups ask your doctor before ingesting grapefruit, grapefruit juice or grapefruit seed extract.  Mild side effects such as heartburn or stomach upset may occur when eating grapefruit.  There is also the possibility of the rare occurrence of grapefruit juice induced hypotension.  A case report does exist but this is a rare occurrence.  Enjoy the health benefits of grapefruit, while being aware of the side effects of grapefruit.



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