Guide to The Starwood Starpoints Program

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  The Starwood Starpoints program is one of the best programs hotels have to offer.  Not to mention, the hotels in the Starwood chain are the best in the world.  Sheraton and Westin are two of the most popular in Starwood and this group prides themselves on being first class.  The Starwood Starpoints program has may benefits and various opportunities to earn points or buy them.  They have hotels all over the world to enjoy and very fine ones at that.  Here are a few things to observe about the Starwood Starpoints program:

  1)  The 3 groups!  The program is compiled of preferred, gold, and platinum.  When a customer signs up with Starwood, they automatically become a preferred member.  Preferred members earn 2 points for each dollar they spend with Starwood and have basic member privileges.  Starwood hotels often have many rooms only designated for members and other rooms for non-members.  The member rooms tend to be in better locations and are specifically for members.  If a preferred member stays 10 different times in 1 year or a total of 25 nights, they move up to gold status.  Gold members enjoy 3 points per dollar at Starwood and they also enjoy a complimentary newspaper and upgrades to better situated rooms, or rooms on higher floors, if available.  Gold members are also entitled to 4 p.m. late checkouts, if they are available as well.  If a customer stays 25 different times or 50 different nights, they become a platinum member.  These members also earn 3 points per dollar, and a 4 p.m. late checkout if available and a newspaper.  Additionally, they earn a free welcome gift upon arrival and free access to the Executive club lounge.  Platinum members are also able to be automatically upgraded to a standard suite if available.  These are the 3 groups of the Starwood Starpoints program.

  2)  Earning starpoints!  Starpoints are earned depending on what member status a customer has, as stated above.  Starpoints may also be earned through partners like Avis and Diners Club.  Purchasing points is also an option and a minimum of 500 points may be purchased for $17.50 and a maximum of 20,000 may be purchased for $700.00 in one calendar year. These are the ways to earn starpoints!

  3)  The rewards!  After accumulating a minimum of 2000 starpoints, they may be cashed in for a free night.  Level 1 hotels require 2000 and each level requires a certain number of points for a free night.  Points may also be cashed in for Starbucks or Amazon gift cards as well as car rentals. train rides, or airplane reservations.  Many times, Starwood will have offers to earn extra points or if a customer stays so many times, they will earn a free night without the points.  Sometimes throughout the year, they have a stay 2 nights, get the 3rd free.  The rewards are very motivating to stay at the Starwood chain.

  Starwood not only offers a wonderful way to accumulate stays and other rewards, they make the stay a memorable one.


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