Tips for Visiting Bangkok Markets

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The city of Bangkok, Thailand has within its city limits a ton of markets.  Bangkok markets are loaded with everything a person could want and some things only very unique people would want.  There are some tips for visiting and shopping at Bangkok markets, however, that should be heeded so that the experience is a pleasant one.

1)  Set aside a block of time when visiting the markets!  Chatchuchak market is a weekend market only and it would take two full days to get through that massive market.  Other markets like Pratunam and Bobea markets would require a bit of time, but regardless the size of the market, time is a key element is getting what you want for the price you want.  If looking around is the only purpose, a Bangkok market will be big enough that at least several hours are required to get a good enough look.  Setting aside a block of time will make the Bangkok market experience a little more pleasant.

2)  Look around first before buying!  Many of the market stalls have the same exact thing and it may be that one has a different style and a better price than the other.  If you are looking for something in particular and you see it, it may be that another stall has it in a better color and a better price.  For example, if you want a Thai style dress shirt, there will be several stalls that have them, but each one may have different colors.  Bangkok markets have many stalls that sell the same item, but not all the same style so it is good to look around first before buying.

3)  Bargain!  Being in a Bangkok market and not bargaining is like the cardinal sin.  Every market stall owner wants a foreigner to bargain.  Even if the foreigner does not bargain and the owner makes money from the deal, the lack of bargaining could be a little disappointing.  Even if the price seems fair, bargain and if they won’t come down and you want to pay the price, then pay it.  Losing a bargain is not always a bad thing, but not attempting to bargain is not Bangkok style.  Bargain!

4)  Expect to be pushed a little!  Many times, if you go into a shop and talk about price and show a little interest, the owner will try to keep you there and lower the price so you will buy it.  Spending a long time at a shop that you probably will not buy anything could possibly bring the owner to be a little pushy.  He/she will not be rude but you may feel like they will be hurt if you do not buy anything or at least that is the impression they will want to try and get across.  Expect to be pushed a little.

5)  Smile!  Thailand or L.O.S., is known as the Land of Smiles.  People may brush into you or try to hassle you to buy, but the key is to smile.  Nobody in the markets want to harm you or offend you as the Thai people are very non-confrontational, but you may not get that impression.  Whatever the case may be, smile!

The Bangkok market experience is a pleasant one and will be more pleasant and fulfilling if these above mentioned things are considered.


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