Dog Breed Facts: The American Staghound

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Dog Breed Facts: The American Staghound

The American Staghound dog is a beautiful sighthound bred that originated, ironically enough, in Scotland but is not recognised as a separate and distinctive breed. Because they are not recognised by any Kennel Club (either in the US or UK) they cannot be registered.

Origins and History:

The American Staghound is the result of the cross-breeding of a Scottish Deerhound and a grey hound but once they arrived in American during the 18th century, they were bred from staghound to staghound.

In America, American Staghounds were primarily used for fur, food and sport. Soon, however, they found that these remarkable hounds were useful in catching coyotes. Coyotes were faster than wolves and it was surprising that these dogs were able to keep up with them; it is due to their Greyhound genetics which allowed the American Staghounds to keep up.

Breed Standard:

As the American Staghounds are not Kennel Club recognised, there are no breed standards for this type of dog. At the moment it is not sure whether breeders of American Staghounds will push for recognition.

Generally, this breed of dog has thick, rough, warm coat, inherited from its Scottish Deerhound ancestors. Dogs will weigh in around 55 – 60 pounds (25 – 41kg), bitches at 45 – 75 pounds (20 – 34kg). A male will stand at around 26 – 30 inches (67 – 77 cm) and bitches at 24 – 27 inches (61 – 69 inches).

The body is strong, powerful and fast with long legs that carries him at great speeds. Coats can be any colour and there are three different types of coats which are typical – the ‘shag’ (which resembles that of the Scottish Deerhound), the ‘slick’ (resembling the Greyhound) and the ‘broken’ (a coat which resembles both the Scottish Deerhound and the Greyhound).


The American Staghound has a very calm personality and craves attention and affection from their owners. Although they are a typically coursing animal, they make wonderful companions and in recent years he has become a popular pet.

American Staghounds are very friendly and are good with young children, but due to their size they can be somewhat intimidating for families with children.

Due to their size, vision and smell, American Staghounds make good watchdogs but are not very good at protection. They can and will accept other dogs in the home, but will chase after cats and smaller animals.

This is a breed not suited for apartments; they need open space to run around. They will be fine living in an urban area as long as they receive a good amount of exercise and have a fenced-in garden to run around in.


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